Case Study


With the growth of e-commerce and further growth in the easy accessibility of hassle-free courier services, Logipulse is one-stop application that helps you track your shipment be it airways, waterways or by land .

Apart from allowing the customers to track their shipment status, it also provide access to the shipper who can track estimate time and location of the product . Logipulse services are spread across UAE and India.


Beyond just a unique logo, a brand represents the services rendered to the customers through visual medium. The client approached us to create a unique design which would communicate the services provided by Logipulse. Being a new venture, the main challenge we faced was to make sure that the logo depicts a unique feature that will convey the story behind the Brand.


Logipulse, being different from other establishments providing similar services provide not only access to the receiver but also allow the sender to track the status of shipment along with the estimate time of arrival. The logo comprises of six arrows in total, three depicting the dispatch and the other three depicting delivery of the goods. The blue and white colors used in the logo represents the scope od services i.e. airways, waterways and on-road services.

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