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Branding Essence


A brand story in its totality brings to life a creative idea,  evolves to connect with your customers, and goes on to build a place of esteem in the hearts and minds of people over time. At Bransense- Top designing company Dubai UAE, we believe in power of listening to you, your customer research, and your stakeholders, before we breathe life into your idea!


We commit to research and study, to understand you better, armed with the data and the information from our initial meeting. We do market analysis, audience research and competitor analysis to help us understand the idea and its relevance better. We simplify it for you at Bransense- Top designing company Dubai UAE!


We turn insights into action with our ‘pen-and-paper’ design round. In our studio, around a table, all of us, gather and innovate, or initially we just talk, scribble and doodle! The process continues until the design intuitively speaks to us from the sheets of paper on the table. The process is finalised only when our design tallies with data from research and analysis.


We transform the design to the digital medium for further refinement and visual appraisal.


The best storytelling is multi-sensory- it is visual, visceral and verbal. The image and colour, the symbol and texture, the scent and sound, all contribute to telling your brand story at multiple sensory levels. At this stage we work on the colour, the typography, the textures, the feel, the complete packaging of the brand identity. What forms and colours best express your brand identity?


We present before you, the work and show case it to you, explaining the thought process, the detailing and futuristic prediction for the brand identity. Intrinsically we love this moment when we get to share and participate in the evolution of a shared brand dream, for we love it, when we get to create future. It sure feels divine!Now, don’t wait to fall in love with it!


Brand Identity

A brand identity is your unique fingerprint in the market place. At Bransense – Top designing company Dubai UAE, we acknowledge the fact that a brand’s name or  its logo or its tagline or its packaging etc., is the first interface between your brand and your customer. It has the power to lead and connect your customer to the heart of your brand in less than a few seconds. And most often the first impressions are the best impressions! A brand identity is also a location in time- where your brand is now, and where it proposes to be, in future! 

  • Brand consulting
  • Brand personality
  • Brand applications
  • Corporate brand identity
  • Packaging & label design
  • Brand care
Brand Interactive

Today the digital world is easily the most relevant interface between the customers and the brands. At Bransense-Top designing company Dubai UAE, we recognise that the digital experience is not just about superlative website design. An elaborate digital portfolio includes all facets of the brand and its identity in the expansive world of digital media. To keep your brand relevant and potent, we follow the latest technologies and trends, and employ the best creative technologists to craft your digital signature.  You deserve nothing but the best!

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Landing page
  • Mobile App UI design
Brand Communications

As a brand, you are more than your logo! A brand is  a melting pot of strategy, design, planning, communication, and products and services! Proper communication is the magical key that opens up hearts and minds of your customers. And proper communication stays true to the brand’s essence at all points of time and in all sorts of places. At Bransense- Top designing comapny Dubai UAE, we help your voice to be heard and be appreciated for what it truly is!

  • Marketing collaterals
  • Print Advertising
  • Brochure / Catalogues

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